Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Thank God I Can Hear!

Last evening after work I got a manicure. Beside me was an old friend in her early sixties. She is a vibrant smart active woman that makes the world better. But I noticed she was watching me intensely as I talked. She apologized and then showed me hearing aids in each ear. She doesn't know if she has 1 or 5 years of limited hearing before she is deaf. She uses every moment of hearing and seeing to fine tune her lip reading. She has sought out other deaf women to learn how best to navigate this new world she is entering.

Wow!!! Smiles on her face and hope shining through her eyes she told me how she is pursing her writing dreams. We celebrated her great love of reading. But her attitude centered me on what matters this day. She shared with me how God is showing her He is with her and He will speak to her lip-reading needed.

This day of Thanksgiving in America I have a long list of all I am thankful for, but I have decided to concentrate on the blessing of hearing. I will treasure every sound I hear: good or bad.

I can hear!!!


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Hello Kay! Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one!

A few weeks ago I met a deaf lady at a Bible Conference at one of our son's church. She was awesome! Such a jolly person. A great sense of humor. She signed to a singing CD. When I asked my son how that was possible when she can't hear the words, he said she feels the vibrations and has memorized where the words go accordingly!

God bless you my friend!


Dorothy Champagne said...

It's nice when God uses other people to let us remember how blessed we are. Hope all is well on your end!

Joel Spencer said...

As a healthy, 36-year old who had a stroke 3 weeks ago, I have instantly become SO much more thankful for life. May we continue to live a life that says "thank you LORD" for all that you've done for us.

Carol Davis said...

Please email me!!!! I need to hear from you!!!!

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