Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Prayer is Moans & Groans; But Hears Me

A dear loved one received bad news from the doctor this week. Six huge vials of blood were drawn to be sure no horrific diseases are working in this person. For many I am viewed as the mighty never fail prayer warrior. After all we've been through in the last few years all I can do was moan. Thankfully the Bible tells me the Holy Spirit interprets my moans and groans and sends word to Heavenly Father God.

But I wantto pray....I've tried to pray. Finally I phoned a mighty man and woman of God who have been there for me for decades. These pastors are well known and I will not divulge their names, but we have prayed for one another and God has always been faithful.

When I heard his voice; I calmed down. When she came on the phone I felt we were in a group hug. Heaven came down and the one thought that had remained in my mind was what he spoke what He was believing God in doing in this matter. Whew!!

He will phone this person wrestling with the what-if's until we hear on Tuesday. Since my husband was a great physician we feel his loss the most when one of us is ill. He would spend whatever time needed talking us through all the possibilities, etc until we were calm. Now we're just patients and the great doctors give us reasonable time; not daddy/hubby doc time.

I sit here in peace today. With this couple on board all in my family are back at work. All of us are concerned, but not overwrought.

BE THERE for one another is so key to thriving christian living. I've been there for this couple and now they are there for me. Knitted together through the years we have a seamless relationship with prompt loving responses. Plural is a key word in thriving Christan living. It is tempting to pursue God as a solo might warrior, but it can't work. These times come in every one's lives. Tight loving relationships are God's plan and I believe they are what He uses to bless and protect us.

Locally I have a group who work in ministry with me. They are all praying and many others connected to my family. I feel like a Verizon commercial with one huge Heavenly component: through Jesus Christ all of Heaven is backing up this miracle.

I'll moan and groan with all that is in me. I'm just the backup singer to the main ones calling up to God and thanking Him for what He has already done!!! Wholeness, healing, and manifestation of His Glory is going on in this hurting place.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Starting is Easy...

Starting is Easy Finishing is hard.

I have this saying hanging over my desk. In my kitchen redo this could be my motto. Hoping all would be completed this week I began to get ready to enjoy my new kitchen. But the counter top man didn't complete his work and now everyone has to wait on him.

Finishing becomes harder when anyone on the team fails to deliver their part on time. I hope I hold the disgusted looks on the plumber, carpenters and appliance workers as we discovered the promised counter tops were not ready. Why do I want to hold onto those looks? If possible I never want to be the one who holds up the rest of team from completing tasks on time.

Finishing is hard, but it will come sooner and easier if we all work to best performance, on time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tiny Things Matter to Greatness

I'm tiling a bathroom floor and cutting tiny pieces to finish the design is critical to the overall look and use of the floor. As I tediously measure and cut I remind myself that sometimes I see myself as a tiny insignificant part of society, church and life. In American culture age is not an asset. I never want to be anything but American but I do look at Oriental cultures are turn a bit green. My white hair and wrinkles speak to the Orientals as wise and experienced. If I pay attention to the media I'd feel utterly over the hill.

But I as I carefully cut these last pieces I will treasure those times that I may only have a little to give in tithe in the offering plate. Perhaps my strength is limited in some offerings for jobs coming up in ministry. I don't exude youth and vitality in my appearance. But I matter as does every single person.

The tiling of this floor is getting to be more fun now that I identify with the tiny finishing pieces!!!

I have so much sweat and time in this bathroom I'm threatening to make it a toll only use bathroom!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Do You Know What You Want?

"She's easy to get along with," one of the electricians said to his buddy when I answered a question this morning in the kitchen redo.

"Oh, yeah because she knows what she wants. She's got a plan in writing that she is working from and she has already explored the possibilities before we arrived. Oh, if all our clients would do this for us and themselves," he declared.

He's right, on this kitchen, I've done my homework. I have a written sketched plan and when asked a question I'm quick to tell you what I want. But in other areas of my life I need to:
  • Do my homework
  • Explore with God my possibilities
  • As the Bible exhorts me: Write the vision and make it plain...Habakkuk 2:2
  • Destiny, ministry, life work and life investment....I need to know who I am, what I want and what I hear God wants
Good friend, do you know what you want?

Have you done your homework and put your vision in writing?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Can You Dance?

In the middle of my total kitchen renovation I'm finding I can still "dance." 'Every day the carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and others throw me a new surprise. This old house built in the sixties has a surprise at many turns.

Thank God, I can still "dance" and I'm not undone when the plan doesn't work. A few times I've tripped over my own feet, but I remove myself and take a breath and lift a prayer. I come back to the chaos and together the pros and I work out a new plan.

It hit me this morning that I need to hold onto this "dance" beyond my kitchen redo. Life in USA in 2009 is most unpredictable. I need to dance when the flu spreads and DHEC directs some changes in community life. FDIC is running out of money and there may be some bank "holidays" coming up to accommodate all bank closings. October 1st I start my new management job with 2010 and I need to be sure I'm wearing my "dancing shoes."

In the blog world it's not all about me. I throw the question to you: Can you dance?

© 2008 Kay Martin

Thrive In Christ

Who I Am In Christ by Neil Anderson

For several months we will center on this book to pursue Thriving in our Christian journey.

Neil challenges us with: "Do you know who you are in God's eyes? We are no longer products of our past. We are primarily products of Christ's work on the cross. Who we are determines what we do.

You are not who you are in Christ because of the things you have done, you are in Christ because of what He has done. He died and rose again so that you and I could live in the FREEDOM of His love."

That's just the introduction. More to follow.