Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Starting is Easy...

Starting is Easy Finishing is hard.

I have this saying hanging over my desk. In my kitchen redo this could be my motto. Hoping all would be completed this week I began to get ready to enjoy my new kitchen. But the counter top man didn't complete his work and now everyone has to wait on him.

Finishing becomes harder when anyone on the team fails to deliver their part on time. I hope I hold the disgusted looks on the plumber, carpenters and appliance workers as we discovered the promised counter tops were not ready. Why do I want to hold onto those looks? If possible I never want to be the one who holds up the rest of team from completing tasks on time.

Finishing is hard, but it will come sooner and easier if we all work to best performance, on time.


Patrick said...

Good points and on top of that another thing to remember is knowing when to stop. I have a little exercise to motivate me to finish taskes quicker. I will often set a timer for 15 min or so to see how much I can accomplish. Often I will keep on working. Sometimes that is fine if I have nothing else to do (Yeah right!) but often my 15 min limit is there so I can work on something else.

For example I may have gotten all the papers on my desk organized but not filed about during those 15 min but the second part of that can wait if I need call a prospect, work on a creative project, etc.

I still suffer from my school years when good time management skills were NOT drilled into me. Is it better and less stressful to work on a term paper for 15 minutes over a few weeks or do we all cram it in over the course of a day or two at the end? I was often guilty of the later.

Finishing is great but learning out to stop at certain times can help you finish faster for certain things.

Pinkshoelady said...

Great post my friend!
I thought about you Tuesday as I went to Gaffney to Hamricks. I tagged along with some of our senior adult ladies. We all had a hoot and bit of good shopping too.
After I got there I was wishing that I had let you know so maybe you could have met up with us. I didn't have your number with me. But next time expect an invite!

Red Letter Belivers said...

I'm all about starting with great enthusiasm and vigor...but i hate details and usually, that's what it takes to finish well.

All talk...no walk.

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Thrive In Christ

Who I Am In Christ by Neil Anderson

For several months we will center on this book to pursue Thriving in our Christian journey.

Neil challenges us with: "Do you know who you are in God's eyes? We are no longer products of our past. We are primarily products of Christ's work on the cross. Who we are determines what we do.

You are not who you are in Christ because of the things you have done, you are in Christ because of what He has done. He died and rose again so that you and I could live in the FREEDOM of His love."

That's just the introduction. More to follow.