Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Silly Stuff That Ticks Me Off

I get ticked off when someone sneaks in ahead of me in a waiting line. I don't mean slightly irritated; I mean smoking mad! If people could see past my pleasant smile mask ;they would see smoke pumping out my nose, and a firey mouth spewing out flaming words of disgust and fury. A little over the top? Oh yeah...but in my mind you stole my time when you decided to "slide" in ahead of me.

What's up? Kay, I thought you were the loving Christian who writes on strong gentleness; surrendered to Jesus as Lord; and loving your enermies. Yes, that's me. But in this process of growing in Christ; that part of old me still has to be harnessed. I've been writing on anger for a few weeks and I pondered yesterday on ordinary situations that tick me off. Line breaking hit my number one spot on stupid stuff that tempts me sorely.

God's command: be angry, but sin not; calls me to examine my anger. As I look at my foolishness I'm asking why this bugs me so much. I'm the first one to always insist that people in the grocery line to go ahead of me if I have a full shopping cart. I love being generous and gracious in driving or shopping situations to wave people on ahead. Why would I have to suppress all kinds of poor behavior when somene in lines jump ahead of me?

Looking back on my childhood I may have a clue for this irrational anger. I changed schools 8 times in 12 years; and usually those where extreme crisis situations. Somehow I sense that this irritation stems back to school days and my low status of being the "new" kid in class. Seems I recall loving the teachers that would not tolerate line breakers. As I write this I'm smiling at the absurdity of caring if someone goes ahead of me if I'm in no time crunch. Perhaps this self examination is a piece of "be angry, but sin not."

Most irrational behaviors or mind traps have a root in our childhood (so the behavior experts say). Dare you share your recurring ticked off stuff? Remembering I'm gathering data for a book.

What ticks you off?


Marilyn in Mississippi said...
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Nicole said...

I so agree that a lot of what happens in our childhood affects us as adults. Only God can heal those wounds and hurts. I'm thinking on this one. I am so tired I can barely type. I'll be back later. Great post!

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