Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Focus: Contentment*Satisfaction*Fullfillment

Your wisdom is sought on this blog this week. I want to know your best answers to these questions I am using to plan the upcoming months in new writing ministry.
How would you answer these questions?

34. If I spent every day like I did yesterday would I be satisfied at the end of my life?

35. Is there a vision God has given me in the past which I have not yet seen come to pass? Is this still applicable in my life?

36. What is the worst thing I have to do today so I can get it done first?

37. What have I seen the best results from in the past?

38. What is my greatest obstacle to completing my goals?

39. Why have my previous efforts not been successful?

40. What great thing would I attempt for God if I knew I could not fail?

41. What skills or knowledge must I gain in order to reach my goals?

42. Goals: have I clearly defined them? No. Have I set deadlines for completion: Not all of them. What do I need to do to be more active in my planning?

43. Action is what I need to improve in all areas. Grief has held me down long enough. Rev up tips:__________________.

44. Is there technology available to help me which I am not currently using?

45. What can I learn from the mistakes of others who have tried similar goals but have failed?

46. What are others who have become successful in my field doing that makes them successful?

47. Can I barter with someone for what I need?

48. What would Jesus do?


sailorcross said...

Great questions, Kay. I have immediate answers to some--some I'll need to ponder on a bit.

I'll come back and give you all my answers later today!!


Dorothy Champagne said...

What a great way to seek answers to questions that everyone can learn from!

Scott said...

Sorry I've missed the previous questions. I may go back and answer some of those for you as well.

34 - A bit of a tricky question, I think. When I went to bed last night I was not afraid of dying. I was comfortable with how I had lived yesterday. Could it have been better? You better believe it.

35 - Yes and Yes
36 -
37 -
38 - Fear
39 - The first step is a doosie. I have not made much effort because of 38.
40 - Your questions go deeper than my mind I think :) I guess it is what is #35. Becoming a Christian Counselor is something that I consider great and I would use it for God.
41 - More School. Become a little more personable I think.
42 - No. No. I'm not a goal oriented person, so I guess maybe become more goal oriented.
44 - Not that I'm aware of.
45 - You know, I'm not sure. I haven't talked to anyone to know about failures or (46) successes.
47 - Possibly.
48 - Probably encourage me to take that first leap of faith.

Bradley J Moore said...

Kay! This would take me hours and hours to delve into!! Maybe that's your whole point. So I'll just answer #34. Yes,, (two comma's, notice)because I feel like I am generally balanced in how I am trying to live out my life intentionally. So every day is different, yet part of a whole life that I am seeking.

Thanks for making me think.

Red Letter Believers said...

Im pretty good about "learning from the faults of others" but not so good about learning from my own failures.

Devita said...

34. no

35. uhm.. no and yes

36. washing my clothes

37. I passed the exam

38. my worries

39. because there is too much distraction

40. myself

41. writing, concentrating,

42. No. not all of them. write my plan

43. I don't get this one. Lol.

44. No

45. Do not be afraid, just do it best and let God do the rest.

46. work hard and pray hard.

47. No

48. save me?

sailorcross said...

Good Morning, Kay!!

I'm back with my answers:

34. Definitely yes!!

35. Yes and yes!!

36. Go to work? No, not go to work--it's the exercise that I'm going to do after work so I can't get that done first. But, I'm determined to add this into my life in the hopes that instead of disliking it I'll learn to look forward to it!

37. My ongoing journey with God.

38. Myself.

39. Putting others things first my quiet time with God in the morning.

40. Open a Domestic Violence Shelter closer to my own area. A vision I've had for quite some time and not sure how to go about even beginning.

41. Way too much to even go into!!

42. Goals--clearly defined them--no. Set deadlines--in some cases. What do I need--support from others.

43. Rev up tips--still praying about this.

44. Yes.

45. I don't know anyone who has tried this on their on own. All of the shelters are county affiliated.

46. Not sure on this one.

47. Probably not.

48. Jesus would put His faith in His Father and just step out and do this. For me, this means trusting God completely, that He will put the necessaries right in front of me. I'm the one who needs to step out of my comfort zone!!

Kay Martin said...

Wow, you readers rock!!! I've been with some young people so I'll have to be sure I have their slang right. You're comments are helping me know I'm not the only one struggling with the all of living day by day and carving out that time to fulfill God's call on my life.

To answer one of the questions about a question:

43. Action is what I need to improve in all areas.
I tend to want to visualize, plan discuss, shop, research, get everything mapped out on a flow chart, find the perfect software to manage the project, refurnish the office, special order all the color coordinating file folders, index cards...and then carefully decide when the perfect date for beginning the actual work of the mission. I'm exaggerating, but the Lord is telling me He can handle my honest mistakes; just jump out there and do it!!! So this is a personal question to address an overuse of my planning and visualizing gift and to encourage me to move out of my weakness of perfectionism procrastination.

My husband's death this past spring has burdened me with grief along with my procrastination problems. So my personal comment was 'Grief has held me down long enough.'

And I was calling out to you busy courageous beavers to give me some
"Rev up tips:___________."

Kay the humble blog owner/writer.

© 2008 Kay Martin

Thrive In Christ

Who I Am In Christ by Neil Anderson

For several months we will center on this book to pursue Thriving in our Christian journey.

Neil challenges us with: "Do you know who you are in God's eyes? We are no longer products of our past. We are primarily products of Christ's work on the cross. Who we are determines what we do.

You are not who you are in Christ because of the things you have done, you are in Christ because of what He has done. He died and rose again so that you and I could live in the FREEDOM of His love."

That's just the introduction. More to follow.