Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Procrastinator yells "Lion!"

"There is a lion outside! I will be slain in the streets," says the lazy one. Proverbs 22:13 The Message: "The loafer says, "There's a lion on the loose! If I go out I'll be eaten alive!"

As I read this scripture and think about my stalls I wonder what part of my procrastination is like this sluggard. Could it be my laziness at moments is based on my fears of my imagination?

I've read several commentaries and the wise writers conclude that this proverb is warning us against misusing our imaginations to justify putting off what needs doing now. In this instance this guy tells everyone there "could be" a lion in the street....he doesn't see one except in his own mind. No one will approve of his staying in his "safe place" all day because he's lazy or timid. To mask his laziness he shifts the focus away from the truth to an illusion of lions.

The sooner I just jump into whatever needs to be done I'm always surprised at how simple it is to do. Whatever I thought was legitimate reason for putting it off turns out to be nothing but my own exaggerated mind games. My fears set off my mind games and then the laziness kicks in and the two keep me trapped in the procrastination cycle.

King Solomon further points out , "The sluggard is wiser in his own eyes than seven men who can give a discreet answer."Proverbs 26:16 Judging from the first verse of the vivid imagination of the sluggard I'm believing this shows how the habitual procrastinator resists any truth that will expose their main problem. He must insist that his own answer is better: There is a lion in the street. He must keep his main issue covered up. Self-justification is the enemy of progress in all relationships; but especially in our relationship with God.

I'm giving up "lion" protective mindsets. I am doing the next thing that needs doing and believing whatever I feared is really a friendly house cat!


sailorcross said...

Good Morning, Kay!!

This is a very good example of how Scripture that was written thousands of years ago is STILL applicable to our lives today!!

Fear, frozen in fear, afraid of the unknown, WHAT IS WAITING OUT THERE????

Whatever IT is, I know I'm going to have a panic attack when I step outside the door (even though it's not really there!).

This used to be me--frozen in my fears of the unknown, afraid to go here, there, anywhere--locked in the house, locked away from the unknown that was waiting out there for me.

Fast forward a few years--re-turned to where I belong--safe in the arms of Jesus. Has He asked me to step out of my comfort zone? Yes, He has. Have I obeyed? Yes, I have. Were there fears to be faced? Yes, but they were my own fears--faced down with the help of God by my side.

Am I free? YES, I AM!! And now, when God asks me to step out of my comfort zone I can face this without fear or hesitation!! HALLELUJAH!!


Dorothy Champagne said...

Great headliner. Also, a great verse to use in training our kids to not wait until the last minute to do their homework. :)

I have to write this verse down - it is such an every day - every hour issue to not use our time wisely. Thank you!

Red Letter Believers said...

I do know there are lions out there. But I have such a fearlessness...sometimes it gets me in trouble. I need a healthy fear ... so maybe thats the other side of this proverb?

Mariel said...

great post! I love how you dug into the meaning of that verse! I do the same thing...trying to stay 'safe' when the Lord is calling me OUT of my protective mindset!! THAT's where I HAVE to depend on HIM!!
Love your blog...I am returning soon!

Bradley J Moore said...

Kay - this is a good challenge for all of us!! The lion vs. the housecat? Now that puts everything in perspective. I personally am a do-do-do-er so sometimes I need the opposite challenge - to sit back and do nothing, bask in some peace and quiet for a while! It's an ongoing balance.

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