Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Roads on Old Routes

Last night I found driving in the cold rain and fog a cinch even though I was driving through a mountainous terrain . I went "home" to the Northeast Georgia mountains. I made this trip alone to celebrate 94 years of my aunt's wonderful life on earth and rejoice in her homecoming to Heaven. But things have changed in that little village. I remembered how I cringed every time I rode with my mom driving that same road. It was curvy and had sharp inclines; and there were deep drop offs near the shoulder of the road.

One time I actually opened my eyes while mom (all 5 ft. 2 inches of her) turned the steering wheel as hard as she could and I realized we had just passed a car. We were in the left lane and so were they!!! I screamed out "Oh No!!" My mountain woman mom reprimanded me, "Now, you quiet down. Everybody knows you have to swing to the left to make this curve."

There was no arguing with my mother, but I kept hoping I never met a stranger driving around that curve in the right hand lane.

Well last night I drove around that same mountain on a new, well engineered 4-lane highway. It was beautiful and so easy to navigate. Don't buy that saying "the good old days." Everything wasn't the best bad then.

As I drove this road in hazardous weather conditions I thought about my life in Christ. Today I encounter situations that threw me into anxiety and panic a few years ago. Now, in Christ, life is like driving on that new road. I feel secure and confident in Holy Spirit, and I enjoy the curves, heights and challenges on my life journey. There's no need to "sweat" the high altitude on an old route. No, the "rock" beneath me is in many ways like that new four-lane highway. I can "see" the road clearly, and I have no sense of being hit blind-sighted.

Lord God, Thank You for Your mercy in saving me; in keeping me and taking me on old routes with new faith, hope and power in You. Have Your way Lord. When You plan the trip and guide me, ..all is well. AMEN


Dorothy Champagne said...

Wonderful analogy. When we're riding on the Concrete, it's a lot easier coming around the dangerous curves.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Good post. I do believe our walk with the Lord is like that at times.

Sorry for your loss but it seems her gain! :)
Much love,

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

This post was so "comforting" to me for some reason! I know that I don't "relax" in the Lord near enough.

Kay, you're such a blessing! Thanks!


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Thrive In Christ

Who I Am In Christ by Neil Anderson

For several months we will center on this book to pursue Thriving in our Christian journey.

Neil challenges us with: "Do you know who you are in God's eyes? We are no longer products of our past. We are primarily products of Christ's work on the cross. Who we are determines what we do.

You are not who you are in Christ because of the things you have done, you are in Christ because of what He has done. He died and rose again so that you and I could live in the FREEDOM of His love."

That's just the introduction. More to follow.