Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning Possum Standoff

5 AM I let my large dog outside and suddenly he's barking incessantly. I flipped on the flood lights and there was a large possum hissing and showing his teeth to my 100 pound guard dog.

Poor neighbors; because I was yelling louder than the dog was barking. "Forget sleep....the Martins are at terror pitch." Finally my screams got through to my dog and he sheepishly drug himself into the house. He has stayed by my side since the incident. Now who's guarding whom?

I expected the hissing possum to run off, but no, he just sat there motionless. An hour later and he was still sitting in the same position. "Playing possum" came to mind and I recalled the only true defense a healthy possum has is playing dead or sick. I was concerned that he might be rabid, so that was why I was so insistent on my dog coming in.

I live in a city subdivision with shopping strips, churches and schools within 2 blocks of my home. Wooden areas are on two sides of my house. I've accepted the deer that occassionally stroll through my yard, but this is my first possum visit.

Watching that possum hold his own while my huge dog threatened him was amazing. He just pulled into himself and occassionally hissed and showed his teeth. It worked. He totally fooled my dog to the point that the dog came running home to momma.

It came to me that the Bible instructs us to look to Almighty God for our protection and strength. Apostle Paul spelled out spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6. In vesrse 13: Therefore, take up the full armor of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.

I have some thoughts on "standing firm," but I am hoping you will comment on your revelations on this Christian principle.

What do you believe this scripture stand firm?

What are you finding working for you in spiritual warfare to stand firm?

What puzzles you in "standing firm?"


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Standing firm for me is not budging when it comes to the battles that are against us each day. Being able to recognize the battles half the time is the biggest battle!! =)

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

To me standing firm is when God has been very clear about something in His Word. Then when I am tempted in myself or by someone else to go against what I know to be "firmly" right, I try to ..with God's help...stand firm on that issue. There have been times when my husband and I have been ridiculed because of standing firm on certain things. But God has always blessed us for it! Of course there are times when I get a little shaky and am not as firm as I should be. I want those times to become fewer and fewer!

Just curious.....what kind of dog do you have that weighs 100 pounds ????? I'm surprised the possom didn't run! I know I would have!! ha


Joyfulsister said...

Standing firm to me is never giving up, keeping focus on the Lord who is the author and finisher of our faith. standing firm to me is also standing upon his word and to keep believing that he is true to his word, and that it will not return void.
I have never seena possum they kind a look like the wild moongoose we have running aroung here in Hawaii. Okay now I'm going to read the ending to this story lol.

Hugz Lorie

© 2008 Kay Martin

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