Thursday, June 26, 2008

Half Baked

Reading in Hosea I found a wonderful verse: "Ephraim is a cake unturned." Hosea 7:8. The only way to fully cook a "cake" in a pan over a flame is to turn it so that heat gets all the way through.

I've got to admit I have been "half-baked" more than I want to admit. If I were a "cake" I'd probably be burned on one side and raw on the other. I can get so caught up in one area of my life and totally disregard another. In seeking to thrive in the Lord I am finding the need to seek God's leading so that I am balanced and He is the center of all of my life.

I tend to get half baked as I zealously commit to one area of my life such as Bible study. I can dive into the Word of God with such zeal that laundry, housekeeping, correspondence and other important life matters don't even exist in my mind. So I'm all fired up with Scripture and utterly undone with home maintenance. Finding the balance that pleases God and shows His goodness throughout all of my life is my ongoing dilemma.

What is working for you in being fully cooked and not ending up half baked?


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh Kay-you are such a great blessing to me. I am so glad God allowed our paths to cross. I am also glad you have a blog I can keep up with. You encouraged me far more than I can even express.

I feel half-baked more often than I like to admit!!! Finding balance is so hard sometimes. Great post.
Much love,
Angela from your speaker group.

Patrick said...

In the cooking world the key to being full baked or cooked is to stay in the oven longer at a lower temp. I'm trying to think of a good analogy but I guess sometimes we go to strong and head first into something and get burnt on the outside but inside we are still cold.

There's a lot to be learned from good slow cooked southern Bar-b-que.

A good bar-b-que is slow cooked, sometime over a period of a day as opposed to hours, a great sauce and remember that during the slow cook process fat falls off the bone easier.

In weight-loss, blogging, business, etc. A longer but deeper process usually ensures better results!

Great, now I'm hungry for Bar-b-que.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Balance. It is a really hard thing!! I can't ever seem to have all my ducks in a row!! LITERALLY. =) Love ya!

Annette said...

by remembering what comes first. God and THEN my duties. Of course... remembering that duties is a way of serving God helps too. :)

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