Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally I Discover How To Call A Large Prayer Meeting

Last night I dropped by Wal Mart about dusk. Finally I was ready to check out and head home when suddenly the heavens roared and the wind blew the heavy doors open. People in front of me were frightened because a friend called with news a twister was spotted in Salem, SC. One woman teared up and admitted she panics in storms. Then they got news that a funnel cloud was spotted in Clemson, SC only 15 miles from us.

I decided not to go home. I found a good doorway with several walls between the outside and the interior walls and planted myself. Brave folks ran out the door while fierce winds were blowing debris and water into the store. Soaked to the bone, they ran back in warning the rest of us not to try to leave.

I began to pray in a soft voice when another Christian came over and prayed. Finally there were three of us softly praying. People started gathering and silently chose to stand near us. I smiled Heavenward and thought, "So, this is how you get a large number to show up for prayer!"

For years I've noticed at conferences that prayer groups or prayer studies are always small in number. Bible students that accompany me to meetings are always surprised Christians don't choose to show up for prayer times or prayer studies often. And without fail we show up for prayer emphasis and we could gather in a closet no matter who the speaker may be. So, I usually try to title a gathering with something other than "Prayer study, or come to pray."

Well, last night's storm motivated people to want to gather to pray. They wanted to be standing near praying folks. So I get it: you have to have a crisis to have a large enthusiastic prayer meeting.

We're all safe. I was shocked driving home; no traffic lights for miles and a huge.... 100 foot tall oak tree had been pulled up from the roots and was totally blocking the main access to my drive way. I wondered if I had tried to make it in the storm would I have been at that point coming home when it fell? I don't know; but I wouldn't be writing this had I been at that spot at that moment.

I've made peace with small prayer groups, but I'm glad I know what motivates large numbers of people to pray together!!!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

WOW!!! That is amazing!! What a great story/lesson!! I love how the Lord uses you!! =)

Chatty Kelly said...

Loved this post and am so glad you are safe! I don't know how I missed it originally, except it was Spring Break here and I wasn't on the PC much.

Perhaps God wanted to hear some prayers so he sent the storm!! Hmmm.

Safe at the Walmart. A good place to get stormed, lawn chairs to rest, all the amenities. :-)

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Now that is some good stuff. That is the truth Kay. I have been frustrated over this fact for years. Prayer meetings or studies=small groups. Well, I get it now too from your post. It makes most since. Looking back I can see that to be truth in my life as well.

I love your story and walk. Thanks for sharing your life!
Much love,
Glad you are safe! We had a tornado spotted here too. Not sure if it was down here or not but winds were super huge so we went downstairs in our safe place while it roared around us and it after the fact found the wind was strong enough to ripe a metal piece off the side of our house and bend it up. The wind is a powerful thing.

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