Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4 Letter Word That Makes Saints Squirm

Meek is a word that can turn off the best of us saints. Honestly opening myself to areas I can grow and become more Christ-like is painful. Years ago in a leadership conference I was blessed with an evaluation by John Trent. In preparing for my supervisory position in my new job I prayed for God to lead me to His excellence.

On my bookshelf was that old binder holding my personal evaluation. There are many points of my strengths, but the part I haven't wanted to concentrate on are also there. I am using this year long job to grow in those areas that were pointed out to be weaknesses.

Weakness, lack, less than best...why do I resist looking at these areas as opportunities? I look at them, but it's usually when I'm having a "poor ole' Kay" day. I've spoken of the power of meekness in a saint in earlier posts. But I will never grow in Christ unless I am meek: teachable. Since I'm dead to my flesh (wanting to promote ME above all else); why am I so self protective? Isn't this what God promises? He will take the weak to demonstrate His weakness is where His supernatural can be manifest. Others who are keenly aware of my weaknesses can be blessed if I am meek/teachable. As they see Christ come in my human limitations they may see Christ.

2009 is a squeeze for everyone in the world! When we are squeezed our limitations are revealed. I'm opening up for Holy Spirit to teach me His ways when I see MY ways limited and poor. Meekness is a virtue I treasure. Teachable is who I hope I am; teachable is who I pray work under me.

Where are you on the meekness: teachable scale?


Dorothy Champagne said...

I must admit that the term meekness often gets misinterpreted with weakness - they rhyme and all. To show that we are teachable, means we don't know it all - and God knows I love to be a 'know it all'. It's a good reminder to not just BE meek, but to let others see your meekness. Thought provoking post.

Red Letter Believers said...

Kay...for me, meek often means 'weak'.

And I want to be a man, a STRONG CHRISTIAN man. Thats the image I want to uphold and meekness just doesnt fit that mold.

But that Bible has a way of cutting through my haughty ways. THanks for the reminder. I think :)


Chatty Kelly said...

Meek, me? I'm the bull in the china shop. But I want to be one of the one's inheriting the earth. Yes, Kay, just ANOTHER area I need to work on. :-)

I thnk meek means in the presense of God. Not meek with men, but meek, humble, obedient with our relationship with him. Because sometimes we have to be strong in our earthly relationships. What do you think?

Bonita said...

Yesterday I filled out final evaluations for the kids in my writing class. As I thought about how each child performed both in writing and in classroom participation, I was struck by the teachable spirits of a few. They might not have been the best writers, but they accepted my honest feedback with grace and humility every time it was given.

That got me thinking about my own life. Am I so teachable? And your post made me ask myself another question in kind. Am I meek? The answer to both is "yes- sometimes", but I'm not nearly as meek or teachable as I'd like to be or think I ought to be.

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Thrive In Christ

Who I Am In Christ by Neil Anderson

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You are not who you are in Christ because of the things you have done, you are in Christ because of what He has done. He died and rose again so that you and I could live in the FREEDOM of His love."

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