Thursday, January 15, 2009

Power of Focus

Established old methods of doing business probably won't work well in 2009. In this new economy everyone must evaluate everything to see what can work in this environment.

Yesterday I attended a meeting of business people. Starting out this new year we discussed our goals and plans for successful fulfillment of our strategies. From bankers to non-profit helping agency managers I heard an initial "Sigh," before they laid out some of their goals.

Being 65 this year, newly widowed, and believing I am a newly activated fulltime writer I sighed the loudest. But I shared I am commited to changing the way I approach my life this year with a specific focus for the use of my time, energy, money and resources. Key words coming up in my conversations with friends and associates are "No...I must decline... I realize I've been involved with your agency for years, but this year I cannot spare the time for this commitment...No, I can't go on that shopping trip...." Usually folks are kind and so far I'm not aware of losing any friends, but I am zoning in on my target missions and if I lose some friends I will be at peace with that cost for the excellence I am pursuing.

I shared this with the group and then they each began to share how their companies are examining all projects, activities and evaluating if they will continue long established programs; eliminate them or alter the way they operate them. 2009 can be that great impetus to push us all to trim the fat; eliminate distractions that have spead us too thin, and we could become more than we could have ever imagined.

Thrive Christians is on a quest for ways to focus on the call of God in our lives.

What works for you to stay on task and get the job done?


Patrick said...

This is amazing. A LOT of people are thinking alike today! I have seen around 5-10 other blog posts this morning talking about the exact same subject.

It's bad that tough economic times force us to think this way when it's the way we should be thinking all the time!

This is something that has been on my mind a good while in regards to my own company not because of our financial situation per se but I just hate to have a million things going on at once and yet my personality can be somewhat "ADD" in regards to my interests. I am fascinated by a lot of stuff; photography, programming, design, writing, business, etc.

I admit I have a silly fear of becoming too focused and thus becoming "dumb" in other areas but then again I have also cherished "becoming dumb" in other areas.

A while back if someone had called our company and said, "our computer has a virus" or "My printer is not working" I was not turn away the opportunity to head over and check out the situation and usually I could and they were very satisfied but you know what? Even though I know how to take care of those problems they are not my passion. I know other businesses in the area who do that work every single day and can do it a lot quicker and are up to date on the issues so we set up a strict policy (except for family members) of saying NO we do not do that but we can recommend someone who will and in doing so we have also set up affiliate programs with them so we can get a small percentage for recommending them.

I think all to often is pride and not a "good economy" that tempts us into wanting to be all things to all people. More often than not I have not wanted to say "No" because I was worried I would make someone mad or "put out" with me.

People and companies should prayerfully consider what their unique mission is and be the best they can be with their unique gifts.

Chatty Kelly said...

I think personality type helps here. I am "type A" and as such am task oriented. If my task isn't complete I can't sleep, etc. But you hit antoher word CHANGE. Now that is tough. Letting go of status quo and doing something new - that requires constant checking and rechecking of ones self as so not to fall back into the old ways.

Great writing today, Kay, as usual!

© 2008 Kay Martin

Thrive In Christ

Who I Am In Christ by Neil Anderson

For several months we will center on this book to pursue Thriving in our Christian journey.

Neil challenges us with: "Do you know who you are in God's eyes? We are no longer products of our past. We are primarily products of Christ's work on the cross. Who we are determines what we do.

You are not who you are in Christ because of the things you have done, you are in Christ because of what He has done. He died and rose again so that you and I could live in the FREEDOM of His love."

That's just the introduction. More to follow.