Friday, January 9, 2009

Computer Purgatory

2009 is a year I have committed to understanding "I can do nothing of myself...." and maybe my computer saga is showing me some insight. I had a power cord issue last week, but I thought it might be something else. I sat in a computer lab with others waiting my turn to work with the technician in the free work area. Since my computer is under warranty I got the new cord...lost a day of my life but it was working. So this showed me what a joke a computer is with no power source. A saved saint without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit may be just as limited.

I have had a cold and felt terrible and I'm sure I was half alert from that virus when I was deceived by a logo so similar to my antivirus AVG....that I let AV9 virus come onto my computer that corrupted and contaminated everything. So, back to the computer lab and for 2 days we tried to save my files and concluded it was hopeless and I wiped all off and reloaded all my software etc. The Bible calls me to have the mind of Christ. I am diligently seeing to it that I put in my mind that which is true and lovely in line with the Bible as well as the Word itself. But if I don't stay alert I can easily be deceived as I was with that "nearly" same logo of my antivirus. My mind can become corrupted by not paying attention to what I put in it.

But I didn't do such a great job of reloading .... I spent the morning today getting everything in place for me to use this computer. The computer technician and I took 2 hours loading all the drivers I failed to get on my computer. In living, ministry and work diligence in paying attention to the details matters. Resilience, focus and discipline to finish well is critical to being a Christ-like servant of the Lord.

Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe my feelings, but if I'm honest I have to say some amazing things occurred in that computer clinic during these long days waiting my turn. I met an amazing pastor's wife and we know we will be doing some work together in ministry .....I never could have met her any other way. Four young men in conversation and looking over my shoulder at the book I was reading asked me deep questions about the Lord. One beautiful 19 year old talked at length to me about how he loved the Lord but just couldn't get organized church. I took him to Ephesians 2 and told him about the difference in household salvation and being a part of God's dwelling place...His habitation ... as a living stone in place with Jesus Christ the cornerstone. I asked him if he wanted to live in this world with a little knowing of Jesus Christ or did he want the thriving powerful life that comes when we are in place to hold His Presence? He smiled and said "You have me thinking."

I have now started the real work of the "Razor Wire" newsletter for the inmates in SC. Hopefully my web based backup service has what I've been writing for six months. If they don't I will begin again. But I now have hardware and protective systems in place that should prevent what happened to me this week from occurring again. I am thanking God for this whole mess!!! I was placed with hurting and seeking people who asked me for some spiritual help while we sat and waited our turn......amazing!!! Before the deadlines begin I had a computer failure and learned what wasn't in place early. Oh, looking to the Lord to guide all my steps and show me how to walk where He leads me is off to a wild, wild beginning. But oh, how wonderful to have Him showing me early what I need to do for this awesome assignment.

This week here at Thrive Christians has been focused on hope. Jesus Christ is my hope in all things, at all times and in all ways. I shudder to think what I have missed when my hope was ever in anything less than Him. My time in the company of many folks of all ages sitting and waiting; I conclude that these uncertain times give us believers privilege of offering sure hope for seekers: Jesus!!!

I'm so happy to back on the web!!! May you all be blessed and have a beautiful weekend. Next Friday I promise Fun Friday will begin again and I'm praying for a great funny mood lifter!!!


Chris Godfredsen said...

Love the midst of irritation and waiting, God shows up. He places people in front of you to minister to - and give you eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to do - and then you seize the moment! YES!!!

God bless you as you continue to thrive in Him!

Grace and Peace,


sailorcross said...

I was wondering where you were, and now I know!!

I had a similar problem last week, too and so did a friend of mine. We're all back in working order, too!!

Isn't it just amazing how God led you to these people and they to you? Gotta love God!!


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I love how God used this problem with your computer to put you in the place where you could be a blessing to these other people! And it was because you were willing and had a open mine to the things of the Lord. If not, you would probably not have noticed the "hungry" souls waiting to talk to you!

God bless you Kay!


Chatty Kelly said...

Missed you Kay! Even worried a tad. But so glad you got to witness to so many through your time away.

Thank you for your email. You are such an encourager, and yes, a friend.

© 2008 Kay Martin

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