Saturday, October 4, 2008

Clueless, Wordless, Stumped

Fun Friday came and I couldn't come up with anything funny or remotely humorous. I made a commitment to myself to write on this blog daily. In earlier posts I've mentioned that I felt God's call to write since my husband died this past April. Having been out of the writing world for years I saw this daily blog as my way to exercise my "writing" muscles and gain strength and speed.

Now, God is opening great doors of writing and leadership to me. From "no one is asking for my writing" to heading up two newsletters with a large number of readers and developing a large penpal correspondence ministry to inmates; I am working continually to draw up guidelines, interview people for articles, etc. Wordless has rarely described me, but this week I became overwhelmed with important personal matters, a family funeral, several deadlines on writing ministry needs and I hit the wall.

I felt really crummy and guilty yesterday when there was no time to write during the day. Finally last night I set aside time but nothing worthwhile came to me. This morning I have peace. I will be calling my first meetings with the writers that have signed up to begin our ministries. In prayer I realized I need to be empathetic and compassionate to these wonderful folks willing to give away their art to write as unto the Lord. Some will be novice writers and some will be writing in a new format. My writer's block was absolutely necessary, right now, for me to be a leader with understanding as we head out on this new journey.

Honestly as I look over the ones who have signed up I am amazed at their passion for the projects. Most of them lead full professional lives that leave little leisure time. I see some sacrificial saints signing up and I am humbled and wide awake to be all God would have me be to join Him in His work. So....yesterday may have disappointed you if you tripped over here at Thrive Christians blog to enjoy a chuckle because it's Friday, but I needed to hit the wall.

"Messin' up" never suits me. But I must admit I don't like following those "perfect" leaders who appear never to have done anything less than perfect forever. So, I didn't like staring into space and finally wearing down and going to bed with nothing to post yesterday. It will not be wasted. I could use some input from you folks in cyberspace. How do you tackle writer's block? I'm all ears!

God bless you all this beautiful weekend. May we praise Him with all our hearts for who He is.


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Kay that is great about all the projects you have going! wow!

About writer's block, I just don't write unless God gives me something so if it is there it is if not then not. I know that may sound bad with deadlines and such but if He gives me something to write I just depend He will give me the time to get it done by the commitment and He always follows through. But I have to follow His time. So that means writing at times when I don't want to. I just have to follow His lead and perfect timing. I just figure if there is a block then He has nothing for me to say and if I just come up with something it is not going to be as good as what He would have to say through me. Amen?

Love you!

sailorcross said...

What I'm reading here is that you needed a day of "down time", and God provided that for you by giving you writer's block. Then, in the process, He helped you understand what others go through from time to time.

What a great mission you are on!!


Dorothy Champagne said...

Isn't it something that if we ask God to "expand our territory" - like Jabez - to use us for His work - He will! What an answer to prayer!

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